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For companies that are outsourcing to increase operational efficiency, we provide not just personnel or subcontracting but total service as a partner from staff operations to management operations.

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Distribution processing duties Major super-market distribution processing relations
  • Inspection of arrival goods.
  • Shipment instructions, picking, shipment.
  • Inspection of import miscellaneous goods, a price seal and work on repacking.
  • Raw meat, a fish, vegetables, the processing of the freshness product such as Fruits, shipment duties.
  • Shipment duties for vegetables, processing of the freshness product such as Fruits, individual’s house.

Distribution processing relations of the household electrical appliance
  • The arrival of the P.C. peripheral device, a shelf case, packing, collective duties Of the shipment.
  • Shipment business of the major household appliance general merchandising Store.
  • The installation of the P.C. and assembling.

Car-related distribution processing relations
  • Export of motor parts packing business or foreign countries.
  • Supply business of the domestic and service parts for foreign countries.
  • The inspection of the import parts, check business.
Security guard business relations
  • Person of entrance and exit management
  • The institution guard.
  • The instruction guard,
  • Examination of preservation.
  • Aircraft parking monitoring duties.
Cargo General Sales Agent(GSA)
  • Hand carry service.
  • Posting service.